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Opener Bohemian Forest

Green time out in the Bohemian Forest

On the Czech-German-Austrian border and not far from the Bavarian Forest located, is the Bohemian Forest (Czech: Šumava). Together, the two areas with their dense forests are also known as the “green roof of Europe” and if you are looking for something to cool off on hot summer days, this is the right place for you. In addition to numerous hiking and biking trails, there are also wild rivers and crystal clear glacier lakes that invite you to water sports and swimming.

The Bohemian Forest is an attractive travel destination all year round

In winter, on the other hand, the forest area with high snow reliability turns into a true winter wonderland. The gentle hilly landscape is ideal for cross-country skiing and offers numerous family-friendly ski slopes. In addition, a ski holiday in the Bohemian Forest is comparatively cheap.

But the area around the Bohemian Forest is also worth a visit in spring and autumn. Then it is basically just a little quieter and if you are lucky you have one of the otherwise well-visited viewpoints all to yourself.

In the off-season, otherwise well-attended viewpoints are often to be found to themselves

Hike to the bear stones with a view over the wild Vltava

The longest river in the Czech Republic flows along the Bohemian Forest, the Vltava (Czech: Vltava), which is also known as the “Bohemian Sea”. You can marvel at the wild river from numerous hiking and biking trails. Here is also the long-distance hiking trail Path of Deceleration, which offers countless places of strength and energy over a total of 162 kilometers.

There are also pretty vantage points at the Bear stone and at Vltava view tower on the Austrian side. In the latter there is also the possibility to stop off. At the less popular Bärenstein, however, you can make yourself comfortable with a packed lunch and enjoy the view.

Stone stairs lead up to the Bärenstein lookout point
The green Bohemian Forest in summer
From the Moldaublick lookout tower you can enjoy a wonderful view of the vastness of the Bohemian Forest
Marvel at the flora and fauna in the Bohemian Forest

Day trip to the idyllic town of Krumau

Also located on the Vltava River is the idyllic town of Krumau (Czech: Český Krumlov), whose historic old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is also a renaissance castle from the 13th century with a large park and a bell tower. From the round bell tower you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the old town and the river.

Adventure seekers combine a day trip to the idyllic town with a wild rafting tour on the Vltava. Those who want to take it easy can also watch the adventurous from one of the numerous restaurants and cafés located directly on the river. The vegetarian restaurant "Loaf“With its friendly operator has a large outdoor area and serves international dishes for a small thaler.

The pretty town of Krumau on the Vltava River in the Czech Republic
Good vegetarian food in the Laibon

Sustainable overnight stays in the Ramenai hut village

If you feel like visiting the region around the Bohemian Forest, you can take the trip with a stay in one of the pretty huts from ramenai connect. With great attention to detail, the Hofbauer family has created a wonderful retreat in the middle of the Bohemian Forest. After an eventful day, you can start the evening comfortably in front of a crackling open fire and end the day in your own panorama sauna.

As a guest in the Ramenai: Here we took a look behind the scenes

Photo credits: Lisa Klakow

The panorama sauna with a beautiful view of the forest
The wooden hut Minna in the hut village of Ramenai

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