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Mill Tornow

Off to the Berlin area - emission-free on four wheels

Fresh country air instead of city air, swap the urban hustle and bustle for a bit of peace and quiet and just drive down again: More and more city dwellers are drawn to the countryside for a short trip. Be it for a long weekend or just for a day. But where should it go? This question arises to one or the other.

At the same time, one would like to get around in an environmentally conscious way. While many travel destinations in Brandenburg can be easily reached by public transport or by bike, this form of travel requires good planning and sometimes a lot of time. For example, when the connections involve waiting times or when the selected travel destination is in the middle of nature and the last few kilometers are difficult to cope with by bike and luggage.

Into the countryside with the e-Golf – sharing and caring

Electric cars, which can be rented on a daily basis and which guarantee an emission-free journey, are spontaneous and more convenient. The provider WeShare has been bringing electric vehicles to the streets of Berlin based on the sharing principle since June 2019. As a user, you not only save yourself the costly purchase of an electric car, you can also get around emission-free, cleanly and quietly. Because all 1.500 e-Golfs from WeShare only use certified green electricity and are completely emission-free. To take advantage of the offer, all you have to do is to use the Download the app and register for free.

Attention Berliners: Sustainable from the journey to the accommodation

We were enthusiastic about the idea, which is why we will be introducing you to beautiful sustainable places around Berlin in the coming months that you can reach in an environmentally friendly way with electric cars. Sustainable from the journey to the accommodation! Let's go with the Mill Tornow in Fürstenberg, which is only 70 kilometers from Berlin.

With an E-Golf to the Tornow mill

What would you like: day trip or short trip to the Tornow mill?

In the former watermill from 1873 you can not only eat deliciously today, but also spend the night in a distinctive ambience. Inside the former mill, the historical architecture is convincing, in contrast to the rooms, which, on the other hand, are modern and purist in design. The excellent restaurant with a pretty summer garden, right on the river, meanwhile serves regional and seasonal dishes and also prepares vegetarian and vegan food on request.

The vast nature of the Uckermark and the Mühlenfließ invite you to linger and so you only have to decide how long the excursion should last: With the electric cars from WeShare you can be on site for up to 72 hours.

Good Travel x WeShare: At the start of our cooperation, we are giving you 10 euros starting credit!

The nice thing: the daily rent for 24 hours costs only 49 euros. With our voucher code goodtravel10 there is 10, - Euro starting credit and you only pay 29, - Euro for one day. If you are planning a longer stay, you can extend the rental up to 72 hours. Then you pay 3x 48, - Euro + 1, - Euro per rental, i.e. 145, - Euro and with our voucher code even only 125, - Euro. So ideal for everyone who is planning a day trip or short vacation and wants to get around emission-free.

Charging tip for on the go: In addition to the search function for free charging stations in the WeShare app, there is also the app "plug surfing", Which shows you all charging stations across Germany. Here you can also see which type of charging station is on site and whether the socket is free for you. No matter which variant you choose: Charging remains free of charge for you.

Regional dishes
Beer garden of the mill Tornow
With the WeShare app to the surrounding area of ​​Berlin


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