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Places of power are not only found in the mountains

Places of power are not only found in the mountains

As a guest at Villa Hygge. A guest contribution by Charlott Tornow:

What do you think of when you think of Rügen? Baltic Sea, clear, and long sandy beaches. Casper David Friedrich and the famous chalk cliffs. Prora, wasn't there something else? Ahja, the long concrete buildings from the times of National Socialism. Rügen arouses many associations, especially among those people who have never been on vacation on the largest German island. Yes, Rügen has an eventful past that one should also grapple with - but what makes the island so special and exciting is theirs beautiful, species-rich nature, and more and more innovative entrepreneurs who are building pretty gems here to attract tourists to the island.

One of those gems is that Villa Hygge in Binz. If you are planning a holiday in the famous seaside resort, you want to live right on the beach with a view of the sea. But if you can get rid of this stereotypical idea of ​​a perfect summer vacation and instead want to spend a special, quiet and, above all, sustainable night, you should definitely consider Villa Hygge. It is a 15-minute walk from the beach at the beginning of a small hill called the Klünderberg. A magnificent villa was built here in 1920, which has been left to decay over the years. In 2017, after a long renovation, Hermann Matthäi and Ulla Andreesen reopened the magnificent villa with its three holiday accommodations.

In the Villa Hygge you experience a very specific form of cosiness
Sunsets by the sea are always something very special

Experience a very specific form of cosiness in Villa Hygge

"Hygge" is of course the word of the hour here. The Danish term describes a very specific form of cosiness that is created by furnishing a room, and of wellbeing that comes from the inside and is enhanced by the outside. “Hygge” is characterized by small moments of happiness - and the villa and its owners take care of them again and again.

On arrival you will be warmly welcomed here. During a tour of the house and the property you can not only learn more about the history of the villa, Ulla is also happy to give you various tips for excursions around Binz and in Rügen. The owner is well connected and, as an islander, knows a lot of hidden places that we as tourists always long for. How convenient that you can book the bikes for such excursions free of charge.

You can have breakfast comfortably at the dining table
Glance into the kitchen and the winter garden
The winter garden in Villa Hygge
Detailed view in the Villa Hygge
After a long day, you fall happily into the sky-soft bed

Hermann and Ulla are happy to give tips for excursions around Binz and in Rügen

It gets really hyggelig in the house: During the renovation, Hermann and Ulla made sure that the original structure of the house was preserved. The beautiful, curved wooden staircase in the hallway has been restored true to the original; In addition, you can always find 100-year-old doors and beams throughout the house, which give the apartments a warm atmosphere and which is reinforced by the Scandinavian-inspired, reduced, high-quality and chic furnishings. Small, cozy places of calm reinforce the hyggelige feeling: in the large wing armchairs in the winter garden you can let the view of the large forest behind the house wander with open windows. In the evening, the setting sun shines through the window and illuminates the entire apartment in a warm orange light.

Of course, you shouldn't just stay in the apartment. The green garden behind the house, which is separated from the street by a large gate and therefore not visible, is a wonderful place of power, where it smells of wildflowers and an occasional sauna infusion - there is a pretty wooden sauna with large windows in the small annex , which overlooks the garden, and an attached rest and workout room that you mostly have to yourself. Perfect for a long day in nature.

If you want, you can pass the time with a workout with a view of the green
After the workout, it is worth going to the sauna with its large panoramic window
End the day with a fresh salad on the terrace

A large wooded area begins behind the villa

Speaking of nature: upon arrival it is noticeable that a large forest area begins behind the villa. A small wooden door takes you through the garden directly into the Granitz Forest. The door looks like a portal into another world, because here it suddenly smells of fir trees and dry leaves - an earthy smell that calms and relaxes the senses. If you keep walking, you will eventually reach the Granitz hunting lodge, which is well worth seeing. From there there are several ways back to the beach. A round that is particularly suitable in the evening hours when the sun conjures up spectacular colors in the Baltic Sea and leaves people spellbound on the Binz pier.

You can find more information about Villa Hygge here

Views along the high bank path
The Granitz hunting lodge on Rügen
You can't get enough of the sunset


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