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About the art of running away

In 2008 Lena mustered up all her courage, quit her job in an advertising agency, packed her backpack and threw all worries overboard. In her travel blog "Rice out“Lena tells her readers about her long journeys. Here you can be inspired by the wonders of our earth and enchanting places and read about their travel acquaintances and experiences.

In addition to the blog, Lena also publishes a travel guide: “Reis' aus. The be-all and end-all of traveling. A Handbook from AZ “is an inspiring handbook, a practical travel guide and a personal notebook at the same time, which is peppered with entertaining and educational travel stories. It is suitable for prospective globetrotters and experienced adventurers alike.

Part of the book proceeds will be donated to marine conservation

Particularly nice: Part of the profit will be donated to projects that are committed to protecting our oceans. Because Lena didn't write the book to make a profit from it. You can also read on her blog to find out exactly which projects she supports.

The travel guide: "Rice" from. The be-all and end-all of traveling. A handbook from A to Z "

We think Lena's commitment is great and that's why the founder of the travel blog and handbook "Reis' aus" asked our three questions.

1. What was or is your motivation behind your travel guide "Reis' aus"?

I have received so much for free on my travels. From the hospitality of complete strangers to unforgettable experiences in nature and with animals. Experiences that have had a lasting impact on me - and that others should definitely have. Since I donate part of the profit for marine protection, I can not only support travelers with the book, but also the countries we travel to.

Traveling enriches us in so many ways: We get to know new people, cultures and ways of thinking, adapt to other circumstances, gain distance from the familiar and the comfort zone and be happy with little. Travel is not a vacation. It's a challenge that takes courage from running away to coming back. Therefore, the book should motivate, inspire and actively help to "take rice out" for once and to explore our incredible world out there.

Look in the rice travel guide
The travel guide has been designed with great attention to detail

2. What do you advise our readers: What can you do specifically for a better future?

Just start today. No matter how big or small. We all have to do something - now. But we mustn't lose our fun in life. I think everyone has to find their own mix of sacrifice and pleasure with which they can live with a clear conscience. And I believe in our consumer society it will not work without giving up and rethinking one's own habits (and that is exactly where traveling can help so much). I can do without meat, for example. But not on cheese. Very good on domestic flights. Not entirely on flying. I ride my bike in all weathers. But for kiting I need the car every now and then. Each of us has our place in the world. That is a privilege that we can use. But for which each and every one of us has to take responsibility.

3. How do travel and sustainability fit together for you?

Unfortunately, it is often the case that many people only realize threats such as climate change when they see them with their own eyes or feel them firsthand. I think that is exactly how it works the other way around: Anyone who has been able to experience breathtaking nature, wild animals and hospitable people rethinks their behavior and their own influence on their environment in a completely different way. Or something like that: The garbage on the beaches shocked me on all my trips - and so I started collecting it or organizing small beach clean-ups, not only abroad but also on the Rhine meadows in front of my front door at the time. Travel makes you wise. Also in terms of consumer behavior and values.

Lena doing the Beach Clean Up

How well a trip and sustainability go together depends of course (as unfortunately in all areas of life with this topic) on you personally. But I think there are more and more great ways that allow you to travel with a clear conscience. Even at the planning stage, you can use Ecosia's ecological search engine, book one of the chic, sustainable accommodations on Good Travel, offset the CO2 footprint of the flight on a website, take the bus on site, support local tourism ... In my book I dedicate an entire chapter to such ideas.

You can read the travel guide buy here

Check out Lena's blog here


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