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Owner of the Bühelwirt

Architecture, nature and the South Tyrolean way of life in the Bühelwirt

Opener Bühelwirt

The Buehelwirt is a very special place, a place of power in the mountains. Here you can breathe a sigh of relief, experience the originality of nature and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the world.

More and less

Leave out everything that is unnecessary. Back to the real thing, no frills - neither in the room nor in the wellness area. That is the kind of luxury that awaits you at the Bühelwirt. This is the secret recipe of the two hosts Michaela and Matthias, which makes the guests happy and lets them switch off in this retreat.

You sit face to face with the mountains wrapped in cozy blankets in the bay windows, which give the house its characteristic face. The view just manages to lure you out into the pristine nature of the Ahrntal. Very early, preferably when the weather is nice, but actually in any weather.

You can enjoy a beautiful view from the Bühelwirt
The natural landscape invites you to go on extensive hikes

Between the corners and edges in the Bühelwirt everyone will find their favorite place, which invites you to discover and sink into. It's all the nicer when your calves are still pinching from climbing the summit early in the morning. Then you really deserve the herbal stamp massage and the spinach dumplings.

The host Matthias personally gives the best tips for hikes and all kinds of activities in the area. He's also a sommelier and is also available in the evenings with advice and action if you can't decide which drop of South Tyrol goes best with the regional delicacies.

Eat well and start the day well strengthened
The sommelier is also happy to provide advice and assistance

As has always been the norm in South Tyrol and in the Bühelwirt, the lady of the house speaks an important word. It is Michaela who holds the company together with all employees, the heart and soul of the house. Michaela took over the inn, which was built by two women in 1910, and together the young owners embarked on an adventure to realize their vision of a very special hotel.

A timeless place, authentic people and local architecture.

As soon as you get there, the facade greets you with its old and new face. Challengingly puristic and yet so cozy and inviting, the house looks out over the spectacular natural backdrop from the “Bühel” next to the church. Michaela and Matthias, together with Pedevilla Architects, expanded the 100-year-old traditional house with its mountaineering rooms in 2017 to include a modern extension with 20 rooms.

Detail in the Bühelwirt

What you can find outside the door in the valley is also reflected inside the house. Solid larch floors and the locally made wooden furniture bring in the natural and form the framework for the fine details. The lamps by the South Tyrolean designer Harry Thaler, for example, are among those beautiful things that inspire design lovers. Just like the fabrics from the Moessmer loden manufacture or the hand-carved stools. All in all, the atmosphere is just right.

No less special than this mountain refuge looks like, are the people who await you. Always taking care of their guests without bending over, they make the Bühelwirt a place with their authentic style that cannot be found anywhere else.

You can find more information about the Bühelwirt here

Hike through the pristine landscape

© Photos: Mike Rabensteiner


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