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Which values ​​are important in a crisis

With attitudes towards humanity, solidarity and sustainability, maybe even emerge stronger from the crisis: This is currently not only shown by ours Good travel partner, but also many customers of the GLS Bank. No wonder, these values ​​have been lived by the GLS community since the bank was founded in 1974.

In the current time, which is associated with a lot of uncertainty, it is clear how valuable these values ​​are. For many GLS customers, the crisis triggered a surge of creative activities to help them get through this special time. You are not only committed to the continued existence of the company, but also to the community. This post introduces you to some of these actions, which should inspire you not to lose courage and hope.

The #stayhome Club delivers your sustainable basics to your front door

Stay at home club

The stayhome club delivers your insulation basics directly to your front door so that you don't have to go outside yourself. You can order numerous products in organic quality and selected rescue boxes. With your purchase you also support Berlin's art and club culture, because part of the proceeds will be donated to clubs, organizers and artists.

For 15 euros you can get pizza patties and support those in need

Pizza maker Lennert Wendt

For only 15 euros you can Will be pizza patties and donate food to those around you. The pizzas are then collected and brought to people in need who depend on them. The project currently supports the homeless facility of "Support & Living" in downtown Hamburg. Over Paypal you can donate directly.

Appreciation of art and culture with #KunstNothilfe

Emergency aid for artists. Photo credits: Khara Woods via unsplash

For many artists and cultural workers, incomes are currently falling. At the same time, it becomes noticeable how important art and culture are for our society. This appreciation is intended through the Emergency aid for artists now also reach those affected. You actively support with a donation. The The campaign runs through the peer-to-peer insurance company elinor.

Learn more about natural cosmetics and high-quality oils with webinars

Primavera produces high quality fragrances, oils and natural cosmetics. Currently you can go to Online seminars learn more about the respective products and their application. Experienced seminar leaders from the PRIMAVERA AKADEMIE are available for this and are happy to share their practical knowledge and the latest scientific studies with you.

Wear sustainable masks to protect those around you

The recently introduced mask requirement leads to a greater need for masks. How good that numerous fashion labels have recently switched their production and are now primarily producing breathing masks. By wearing mouth and nose protection, you can protect those around you and reduce the risk of infection.

Producing for a few weeks Stitch by stitch diligent mouth and nose masks - for nursing homes, craftsmen & neighbors - and try to do their part to alleviate the current shortage of masks.


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