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Seven practical travel accessories with a positive impact

Can consumption have a positive impact? Yes, says the online shop GoodBuy and shows that consumption can give the world more than it takes away from it. The whole thing works with products that have a positive impact and, for example, protect the environment, promote a fair world or help people. We introduce you to our favorite products for on the go, which are not only practical, but which also provide positive added value for the world: Seven sustainable travel accessories that should not be missing on any trip.

1. Travel Minis from "Stop the water while using me"

The vegan and 100 percent biodegradable Travel Minis from Stop the water while using me come in a practical travel set consisting of solid shampoo, conditioner and face & body wash. At the same time, the Travel Minis are to be understood as a mini declaration of war against the plastic carpets in the holiday destinations. Thanks to the recyclable packaging, the set is not only space-saving, but also a real lightweight for hand luggage.

Your impact when buying the Travel Minis:

Five percent of the sales of natural cosmetic products from “Stop the water while using me” go to the Good Water Projects Initiative. The initiative's projects are based on the “helping people to help themselves” principle and will be supported for several years.

Travel Minis from Stop the water while using me

You can do the Travel Minis buy here

2. Upcycling toiletry bag from "Hydrophil"

The “Hydrophil” toilet bag is the perfect companion for your next trip, with a total of five pockets that gives you enough storage space for everything you need in the bathroom when you are out and about. At the same time, the upcycled bag fits into any backpack when rolled up. The upcycling toiletry bag is handmade and consists of recycled sails, used wetsuits and truck tarpaulins.

Your impact when buying the upcycling toiletry bag:

The resource- and water-conserving products from "Hydrophil" are all vegan and fairly produced. In addition, ten percent go directly to the “Viva con Agua” water projects.

Toiletry bag from Hydrophil

You can use the upcycling toiletry bag (currently only available unfilled) buy here

3. WASH bags from "Hydrophil"

The WASH gym bag ("Water, Sanitation & Hygiene") is the sustainable survival set that equips you perfectly for your next city trip or camping holiday. In addition to the toothbrush and matching case made of bamboo, the bag made of GOTS-certified cotton also contains a toothbrush tumbler made of Arboblend, soap, vegan condoms and sustainable toilet paper.

Your impact when buying the WASH bag:

The resource- and water-conserving products from "Hydrophil" are all vegan and fairly produced. In addition, ten percent go directly to the “Viva con Agua” water projects.

WASH bags from Hydrophil

You can use the WASH bag buy here

4. Beachbag from "Bridge & Tunnel"

Every denim beachbag from "Bridge & Tunnel" is truly unique, because all bags are 100 percent handcrafted in Hamburg. This spacious beach bag is made of used denim and features an inside pocket with a zipper and a key keeper.

Your impact when buying the beachbag:

Bridge & Tunnel process used textiles and material surpluses from the fast fashion industry and also relies on the potential of socially disadvantaged people in Germany. The employees of Bridge & Tunnel are not only saved from long-term unemployment, but are also systematically prepared for work in the private sector.

Beachbag from Bridge & Tunnel

You can use the beachbag buy here

5. Bath towel from "Kushel"

Kushel offers the world's first climate-positive towel - made from wood! For every towel produced, Kushel plants two trees and offsets the entire CO2 and fresh water consumption of the production! So while the cuddly, soft fibers caress your skin dry, you can relax and unwind with a clear conscience.

Your impact when buying the bath towel:

In just one year, Kushel sent over 1.000 orders and was able to plant over 32.000 trees. By 2025 it should even be 1 whole million!

Bath towel from Kushel

You can use the bath towel buy here

6. Solar lamps from "Little Sun"

The solar lamps from "Little Sun" are your ideal companion for your next camping or hiking holiday. Equipped with a detachable stand and a pretty lanyard, the lamp is multifunctional. The lamp is ideal as a decorative bedside lamp or as a stylish flashlight for on the go.

Your impact when buying solar lamps:

Little Sun brings solar energy to regions without electricity in sub-Saharan Africa. Business trainings support sales partners on site, who can then earn their own living with the sale and at the same time bring solar energy to the people who need it most.

Little Sun solar lamps

You can use the solar lamps buy here

7. Universal bag from "Mimycri"

The universal bag from "Mimycri" can be filled in a variety of ways - regardless of whether it is pens, cosmetics or hygiene items. The bag is made from old rubber dinghies found on the beaches of Greece and is a real eye-catcher that can withstand leaking liquids.

Your impact when buying the universal bag:

For many, the rubber dinghy has become a symbol of the refugee crisis. While the arduous journey of the refugees on the new bank never ends, many rubber dinghies are left behind on the coasts as garbage. Mimycri cleans the Greek beaches of this garbage and creates jobs for refugees with the production. This in turn ensures integration and awareness of the issue of migration.

Universal bag from Mimycri

You can use the universal bag buy here

Make the world a little better with good consumption

All sustainable travel accessories can be used in Online-Shop as well as offline in Berlin store can be acquired. In the online shop, care is also taken to ensure that the parcels are not only sent climate-neutral, but even climate-positive, by buying rainforest areas and reforesting them. And those who go shopping in Berlin-Friedrichshain are also doing good. Because the proceeds generated in the store are used to support social neighborhood projects.


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