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Do business travelers even want to travel sustainably?

In our Contribution to climate-friendly business travel we have given ten practical tips on how to make the trip more environmentally friendly yourself. But do business travelers want to travel more sustainably at all? Or is the domestic flight still preferred in the end?

A study by "SAP Competition“Determined. To this end, the company and the market research institute INNOFACT AG carried out a representative online survey of business travelers in August 2019.

Business travelers want more climate protection

The results show that climate protection is personally an important issue for 80 percent of those surveyed. Many of them are even concerned about global warming (74 percent). This concerns the respondents across all generations, so it is cross-generational.

Another 66 percent of those surveyed said that they question their own behavior critically in relation to climate change and more than half of those surveyed are willing to compromise on other factors such as price, speed and comfort in order to protect the climate on business trips. Another 44 percent are already making their business trips climate-friendly.

Business travelers see companies as having an obligation

Many business travelers also see companies as having an obligation to help design climate-friendly business trips. Only a few companies currently have the information they need to make a business trip sustainable. SAP Concur can support companies in this. If desired, the software can, for example, display the most climate-friendly connection and thus make the CO2 emissions of individual modes of transport transparent.

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"Climate protection and economic efficiency are by no means mutually exclusive," says Götz Reinhardt, Managing Director MEE at SAP Concur. “On the contrary: the planning, booking and billing of business trips is a manual process in many companies. With SAP Concur, this process can be digitized and the costs for business travel significantly reduced. "

In addition to climate protection there are other needs that business travelers place on their trip, such as speed and safety. The entire hierarchy of needs can be seen here.

About SAP Concur: SAP Competition offers integrated solutions for travel expense management. The cloud-based and mobile services make expenses transparent and thus simplify planning, booking, billing and reporting - so that companies and travelers can concentrate on the essentials.

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