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The makers behind the Wanderlust guide Tiny Adventures

The north has something wonderfully longing about it, regardless of whether you are looking for bears, alpine meadow flowers or space and comfort. Here the lakes are deeper blue, the mountains more sublime and the people friendlier than anywhere else on the planet. The newly published travel guide "Tiny Adventures - The Wild North" records all of this and should therefore not be missing on your luggage list.

With great attention to detail, the creators of the blog Greta's friends create a travel guide who makes you want to pack your things straight away and just drive off. The book not only explored cities and traced specific road trip routes, but also recorded favorite recipes and the zest for life that prevails here from morning to night. In addition, the creators met the best families in this quarter and learned one thing from all of them: It is high time to travel for relaxed adventure stays between British Columbia and Lapland.

We love beautiful travel guides. So we asked Christine, author of Tiny Adventures - The Wild North, our three questions.

What was or is your motivation behind the book "Tiny Adventures - The Wild North" - A Wanderlust Guide for Modern Families?

We love to travel the world in road trip mode. Letting go of five and, ideally, lighting a campfire every evening. To be out, to be outside and as far away from everyday life as possible, that is our maxim when traveling and also the one that we want to convey in the "Tiny Adventures". It doesn't have to be far away at all. Variety around the corner also makes you happy. The main thing is to do it and not be afraid to set off with a sack and a minipack.

The "Tiny Adventures" guide makes you want to go straight away

In summary: we want to inspire young and old. We want everyone to go. We want holiday clocks that tick so slowly that you don't flick past every adventure. That is why we spin stories in our books with a longing for snails in our hearts. We usually have a bunch of chocolate-smeared children in our luggage, traveling in crumbled ICE compartments to coordinate projects. We tear ourselves apart between Düsseldorf and Berlin, diapers and outbursts of anger, snot noses and gruel. We are often overwhelmed, mostly tired and our nerves somehow stay in bed longer than we do in the morning. But: ... we just believe in what we are doing. And we love print. That's why we produce one travel book after the other :-)! Our Norden book is the prelude to a four-part bookazine series. In March: "Tiny Adventures - The Fantastic East" appears.

What is your advice to our readers: What can you do specifically for a better future?

Ecologically, we are probably not model globetrotters. We're still flying. But only for long distances. Within Germany and, if possible, also within Europe we almost exclusively travel by train. All three of us believe that the climate cannot be saved by fanatically hitting air travelers. It seems more sensible to us, for example, to forego the mango from overseas, the avocado or raspberry in January. The stuff has to get on the plate through the air. It is also worth thinking about a vacation on your doorstep. We are huge fans of the Baltic Sea. But also in Saxon Switzerland, in the Eifel or in the Bavarian Forest there are wonderful, wild corners!

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How do travel and sustainability fit together for you?

We are absolutely convinced that there is nothing better than going out with a sack and a minipack. As we keep saying about it, whether in books, on blog or via Instagram, it is absolutely not that it has to be the epic trip to the end of the world. We're currently dealing with the "Tiny Adventures". At this point, travel and sustainability go together splendidly, because: fortunately, they can be designed to be very climate-neutral. What we also find extremely important is to let the youngest think outside the box as quickly as possible, to make them open, self-confident, interested (global) citizens, mini-people who question prejudices and have a great understanding of their own Develop the environment. This is because that's at least as important these days as looking at the CO2 balance. Traveling helps a lot with that.

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