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Shop more consciously with CodeCheck

A loyal companion for our weekly shopping is the app "Code Check“, Which clearly shows what kind of ingredients are actually in the products that we regularly buy and consume. With the help of the app you can scan the barcodes of food and cosmetics and then get an easily understandable display of the ingredients. This is particularly helpful for cosmetic articles where the ingredients are difficult to understand. The app marks harmless content in green and hormonally effective content in red.

CodeCheck finds out what's in the food and cosmetics

In addition, the app can cater to the personal needs of each individual. It doesn't matter whether it's a vegan or vegetarian, gluten or lactose-free lifestyle. The app ensures that you regain control over what you consume and helps you live healthier and more sustainably. After all, it helps you make better purchasing decisions.

CodeCheck helps you shop consciously

The “CodeCheck” app is available in App Store and active in Google Play.

We asked Roman Bleichenbacher, CSO and founder, and Boris Manhart, CEO and co-founder, of “CodeCheck” our three questions.

1. What was or is your motivation behind “CodeCheck”?

Roman Bleichenbacher: “It all started with a fruit. I bought a mango 21 years ago while on vacation in Cuba. Local friends told me that this fruit was unripe. For the first time I asked myself what motivates us to buy good products for ourselves. The first cornerstone for CodeCheck was laid, an app that has been downloaded eight million times to date. A large community of consciously thinking people has emerged who pay attention to sustainability and who care what they consume. We have our own scientific team and work with strong data sources such as BUND, WWF or the Hamburg Consumer Center and have many scientists in our team who are constantly optimizing CodeCheck. Together we want to help you make better purchasing decisions for a healthier life and the future of our planet. "


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