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Christmas time

Five places to go before Christmas

The pre-Christmas season is just around the corner: It doesn't matter whether it's baking cookies, making stars and window decorations, visiting Christmas markets and spending more time with the family again. What is contemplative for some is stressful for others, especially when you have to organize the whole thing yourself. So how about spending the pre-Christmas period somewhere else? In a place where you don't have to worry about anything and where you can really enjoy the most contemplative time of the year to the full. Five places for the run-up to Christmas. We have found them for you:

1. Beach Motel, North Sea, Germany

In the "Beach motel“At the North Sea it gets particularly cozy on the Advent Sundays. Then there is mulled wine, punch and delicious cookies to enjoy with Christmas music. And not only that invites you to extend the weekend right away: The sea and the 12 kilometer beach, which begins directly behind the dike and where beautiful walks can be taken at any time of the year, are also a reason to extend the weekend .

Something different in the run-up to Christmas: Yoga weekend at the North Sea

If, on the other hand, you want to do something unusual in the run-up to Christmas, you should stop by on the St. Nicholas weekend, because that's when the "St. Nicholas Forrest Yoga Weekend" takes place. If you like it more classic, you can stop by at the weekend: then delicious cookies are baked, which you can nibble with a reading angel during the subsequent fairy tale hour.

Regardless of what you decide, you can then choose to relax in the hotel's wellness oasis with various saunas, adventure showers and the relaxation room, or simply retreat to your room.

Spend the pre-Christmas season by the sea
Sauna after a walk on the beach

Double rooms from 85 euros per night. You can find more information here

2. Wurzenberg, Styria, Austria

The wooden lodges of the "Wurzenberg"Are located at the highest point in southern Styria, from where you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the wintry surroundings when the otherwise surrounding flowering meadows and vineyards are covered in high snow.

Visit the cozy Leutschacher Advent market

There is a lot to experience in the Austrian community in the run-up to Christmas: For example, the Leutschacher Advent market takes place in the Kniely House on St. In addition to culinary delicacies, handicrafts are also offered for sale in a cozy atmosphere at the small, fine market. On the following weekend, the Kniely House is transformed into a Christkindl workshop. Then small and large guests are invited to take part in the pre-Christmas handicrafts.

Back in the lodges, you can enjoy the sweet idleness and look forward to the breakfast box the next morning. It is filled to the brim with Styrian delicacies and brought to the lodge. You can also look forward to a comprehensive vegetarian and vegan menu.

Enjoy the sweet idleness

Lodge from 99 euros per night. You can find more information here

3. Landhotel Stern, Tyrol, Austria

Also in the Tyrolean "Landhotel Stern“There's a pre-Christmas mood. In addition to the beautiful view of the surrounding snow-capped mountains and the fresh air, this is ensured by the large nature program. The whole family will find a wide range of exciting ideas for getting back to nature or getting to know what's going on in nature for the first time.

Start the day with a sunrise snowshoe hike

A winter day at the Landhotel Stern could look like this, for example: Early risers take part in the sunrise snowshoe hike and can then reward themselves with an extensive alpine breakfast before taking the toboggan run back to the Hotel Stern. Those who want to sleep longer can instead start the day with a leisurely breakfast in the hotel and then take part in a very special toboggan ride: The horn sledge, the original work tool for mountain farmers to bring hay and wood from the alpine huts down to the valley, is the way to go Slope down to the hotel.

Back at the Hotel Stern there is a delicious lunch so that you can go out into nature afterwards. Then it goes together with the whole family and ponies and horses for an idyllic snow hike over the beautiful larch meadows. If that's still not enough, you can also take part in the lantern hike with tea and mulled wine in the evening after dinner. In addition, there are ski courses for children and massage and Shiatsu treatments for adults, which are offered in the hotel's sauna and relaxation area. So boredom won't come up so easily here.

The pre-Christmas mood quickly arises here
Come to rest in the cozy rooms of the hotel

Double rooms from 134 euros per night. You can find more information here

4. Beach village Augustenhof, Baltic Sea, Germany

The "Stranddorf Augustenhof“With its location on the Baltic Sea, it is also a nice destination for the pre-Christmas season. Here, in the middle of a nature reserve, is the small ecological beach village, which consists of a total of 30 wooden houses with green roofs.

The wintry Baltic Sea coast is also an attractive travel destination outside of the main holiday season. Here, the winter sun and cold air invite you to take long walks on the beach, even on days that are getting shorter.

Spend the cozy season on the Baltic coast

When it gets dark, you can make yourself comfortable in front of the fireplace with a hot mug of mulled wine and relax while the fire flickers. Alternatively, you can warm up again in the sauna house of the beach village at a pleasantly hot 60 to 90 degrees. There are also many Christmas and handicraft markets to discover in the region, and the old Hanseatic city of Lübeck in particular is always worth a visit - especially now in the run-up to Christmas.

beach village
Stranddorf Augustenhof

Apartment from 70 euros per night. You can find more information here

5. Gut Boltenhof, Brandenburg, Germany

On the former manor "Good Boltenhof“In Brandenburg, people enjoy the pre-Christmas season mainly in a culinary way. On the Advent weekends, the delicious Boltenhof organic white geese are served in the festively decorated manor house room. Here you dine in high rooms decorated with stucco and carvings, sit on antique furniture and enjoy a magical view of the wintry park from the green glazed winter garden.

Goose dinner on the Advent weekends in the green glazed winter garden

In the GUTESS café and bistro, attention is paid to the quality and regionality of the products. And here you can indulge your culinary delights all day long: in addition to the regional breakfast buffet, there are coffee specialties and homemade cake creations. In the evening, salads, soups and snacks are served in addition to various dinner platters.

If you want, you can buy the tasty delicacies from the GUTESS in the adjacent farm shop afterwards. Many fresh delicacies from our own production and from regional suppliers are on sale there. If you want, you can even order a Christmas goose to prepare in your own walls. On Must for all gourmets and foodies!

Enjoy the view of the wintry Brandenburg from your room

Apartment from 70 euros per night. You can find more information here

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