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6 books for your luggage

Plus Judith's personal book recommendation in the HummingbirdMag

Reading while on vacation is one of our favorite things to do. There is almost nothing better than starting a vacation day with a book and ending it with it in the evening. Gladly in between and throughout the day, without a guilty conscience and without any appointments in the calendar. But with a lot of cinema in your head. Therefore, books should never be missing from our luggage list.

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We recommend 6 exciting books for your luggage. From unusual love stories to strong women to inspiring and startling stories. All books were read by Franziska and found to be worth reading!

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Audrey Niffenegger: "The Time Traveler's Wife"

Original title: "The Time Traveler's Wife"

This novel is about a love story of a different kind: A rare genetic defect means that the main protagonist, Henry, has to spontaneously travel through time again and again. On these trips he met his great love Clare. It is never certain what time he comes from and what time he ends up with Clare, the only thing that is certain is that he always ends up with her.

Franziska says: "A wonderful love story, told imaginatively, perfect as a holiday reading."

Paperback from 11 euros

Published in 2005 in Fischer publishing house

William Boyd: "The Photographer: The Many Lives of Amory Clay"

Original title: "Sweet Carress"

The main protagonist of this book is Amory Clay and she describes a very special woman in a very special time. Amory is not only a photographer, but also a traveler and even a war correspondent. Sometimes she lives in London, sometimes in the extravagant Berlin of the 30s. Her time in New York changes everything and in the end she is even drawn to Vietnam. A special artist novel by an amazing woman.

Franziska says: "Impressive and inspiring portrait of a woman who was way ahead of her time."

Paperback from 12 euros

Published in 2018 in PIPER publishing house

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Donna Tartt: "The Goldfinch"

Original title: "The Goldfinch"

The first-person narrator of this novel, Theodore Decker, tragically loses his mother at the young age of 13. What remains as a memory is a painting that he illegally stole from the scene of the accident. The painting “The Goldfinch” by the Dutch painter Carel Fabritius accompanies him from now on, and yet this souvenir does not seem to be able to offer any real consolation. Rather, the protagonist threatens to slip into criminal circles year after year

Franziska says: "Just because of the length it is perfect for a vacation and thanks to the expressive language of Donna Tartt you will be completely carried away by the story."

Paperback from 12,99 euros

Published in 2015 in Goldmann Verlag

John Strelecky: "The Café on the Edge of the World"

Original title: "The Why Cafe"

By chance the stressed-out manager John discovers an unusual café that is far away, “on the edge of the world”. Instead of food and drinks, however, in-depth questions are printed on the menu. John answers these questions in the course of the story in a dialogue with other protagonists in the café. The result is a wonderful story about the meaning of life.

Franziska says: "For everyone who wants to take the time on vacation to think about the supposedly simple questions in life."

Paperback from 15 euros

Published in 2018 in dtv guide publisher

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Maja Lunde: "The History of Bees"

Original title: "Bienes historie"

Three epochs, three family histories and the history of the development of bees are connected in this book. Starting in 1852, when the idea of ​​a completely new type of beehive was born, through to the present, when beekeepers were first threatened by bee deaths, to the future, when bees became extinct. In the year of publication, it was the best-selling book in all of Germany and not only that shows that the author is asking one of the most pressing questions of our time.

Franziska says: "Haunting and aEmotional story about the threatening consequences of our way of life."

Paperback from 11 euros

Published in 2017 in btb publishing house

Stephen Hawking: "A Brief History of Time"

Original title: "A Brief History of Time"

In a total of eleven chapters, Stephen Hawking conveys his knowledge of cosmology and the role of time in his book "A Brief History of Time" in an easily understandable way and without mathematical formulas. Like no other non-fiction book, he manages to make knowledge about the origin of the universe and the properties of black holes accessible to a broad mass.

Franziska says: "For those who don't like novels - I've rarely read a more exciting and interesting non-fiction book."

Paperback from 9,99 euros

Published in 2011 in rororo publishing house

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