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Opener vegetarians and vegans

Those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet know that it can be a bit more difficult to cater for themselves when traveling. With our ten tips that should be a thing of the past! Including four accommodation tips, where you can indulge yourself vegetarian-vegan.

1 Well prepared for the trip with a practical app

Nothing can go wrong with good travel preparation. It starts with the choice of the travel destination. Because some kitchens are more meat-heavy than others, which can lead to less choice on site. For example, the Mediterranean cuisine is naturally very rich in vegetables and therefore offers many vegetarian-vegan options. A gazpacho or vegetable paella always tastes good in Portugal or Spain. Italian pasta is traditionally prepared without eggs and many pizzas can also be ordered without cheese and enjoyed vegan. Delicious vegan and vegetarian alternatives such as lentil soup or Cretan oven vegetables can also be found in kitchens that are otherwise meat-heavy, such as Greek and Turkish cuisine. But especially in countries where more meat tends to be served, it can't hurt to download practical apps in advance and have them on hand. With the app "Happy cow“For example, you can display restaurants in your travel destination that serve vegetarian and vegan dishes.

2 The most important sentences for the vegetarian-vegan order in the restaurant

The vegan passport contains useful phrases in almost all languages ​​that are helpful when ordering in the restaurant. Since it is sometimes not known everywhere what a vegan diet includes, it is explained in different languages ​​what exactly vegans can actually eat. 96 percent of the languages ​​spoken worldwide are now covered. The passport can either be ordered here or as an app in the "App Store" or at "Google Play“Download.

In addition, of course, it never hurts to learn some vocabulary in advance and then use them in the restaurant. This shows the locals that you have dealt with the language and promotes respectful interaction on an equal footing. The people on site enjoy that too.

The Happy Cow app can be used to display vegan and vegetarian restaurants

3 Your own care and cosmetic items should not be missing in your luggage

Your own vegan care and cosmetic items should not be missing on the packing list, as you cannot always assume that you will also find vegan cosmetic and laundry items on site. Solid hair and shower soaps that come without packaging are best for this. For flights with hand luggage, you can also use small silicone bottles into which you can fill your shampoo and shower gel. They are easy to clean afterwards and can therefore be used several times.

4 vegetarian-vegan snacks and meals on the go

In the event that you cannot find a vegetarian-vegan offer on the way, you should always be supplied with enough snacks. In addition to nuts, muesli bars or energy balls are ideal for satisfying a small hunger on the go. A quick, easy recipe are these vegan almond and date balls:

For this you take 200 grams of grated almonds and 200 grams of pitted dates, two teaspoons of almond butter, one teaspoon of cinnamon and a pinch of vanilla sugar, nutmeg and salt and mix all the ingredients in a blender. Then you form small balls from the mass and then let them harden in the refrigerator. The balls can then be kept in the refrigerator for several weeks. If you want, you can also roll the balls in grated coconut or hazelnut to make them look a little bit more attractive.

5 On the go with a vegan travel guide

In addition to digital tips from blogs and apps, it is always nice to hold something in paper form in your hand. So how nice that there are vegan travel guides that satisfy exactly this need. Just ask for it in your trusted bookstore or order online.

6 Vegan Accommodation Tip: Green Haven in Hamburg

The GreenHaven is the first purely vegan accommodation in Hamburg. Here you don't have to worry about animal products ending up on the breakfast plate. Breakfast can be taken either in the cozy common room of the house, the "galley" or on the terrace. Above all, one should feel at home. And that also works quickly in the Green Haven, which has a total of three individually furnished rooms in a maritime style.

In addition to bed and breakfast, you can also take part in cooking and nutrition courses or get advice on the subject of veganism. Other ecological and cultural events also take place here regularly.

Double rooms from 40 euros per night.

You can find more information here

Enjoy vegan muesli for breakfast in Green Haven
The Green Haven is Hamburg's first vegan hotel

7 Vegetarian-vegan accommodation tip: Darjas Yurtas in Andalusia

If you want to spend a vegetarian holiday in Spain, you should visit Daryas Yurtas stay. Here guests can expect a vegetarian-vegan half board that leaves nothing to be desired. In addition to regional fruit and vegetables, mostly organic, a lot of home-grown produce also ends up on the plates. Because in the Andalusian climate you can grow fruit and vegetables practically all year round.

The food is exclusively vegetarian, mostly even vegan and often also prepared in the form of raw vegetables. And so you can enjoy freshly harvested zucchini as spaghetti, mangoes in different variations or macadamia nuts in the form of a raw food cake at Darjas Yurtas. Almonds, figs and olives, on the other hand, can be picked straight from the trees and eaten immediately.

Double rooms from 62 euros per night

You can find more information here

Darjas Yurte in Andalusia
The vegetarian-vegan half board at Darjas Yurtas leaves nothing to be desired

8 Vegetarian-vegan accommodation tip: San Martino in Tuscany

Vegan delicacies such as bruschetta and antipasti made from grilled vegetables or vegetarian delicacies such as Caprese and Parmigiana di Melanzane, as well as numerous pasta and pizza dishes: Italian cuisine is rich in vegan-vegetarian dishes. So why not spend your next vacation in Italy? For example in Tuscany.

You can then find shelter in the Saint Martin walk. Only ecological and seasonal products from the market are used here. The cuisine is vegetarian-vegan and great importance is attached to the healthy nutritional content. In addition, the hosts, who give you a cozy feeling as soon as you arrive, are happy to provide you with insider tips for the region of southern Tuscany.

Suite from 205, - euros per night

You can find more information here

Vegetarian-vegan accommodation at San Martino in Tuscany
Have an extensive breakfast at San Martino

9 Vegetarian-vegan accommodation tip: Colina Flora in Lisbon

Portugal's cuisine is also ideal for vegetarian-vegan trips. If you choose this country, you should go to the small Bed & Breakfast Colina Flora Pay a visit near Lisbon. This accommodation is located in the middle of the Sintra National Park with its varied flora, so it is not surprising that the garden of the bed and breakfast is also filled with flowers. Here you will find numerous resting places where it is wonderful to endure after a good breakfast.

Get to know the vegetarian-vegan cuisine of Portugal at Colina Flora

The lovingly designed breakfast buffet consists of fresh organic food that is supplied by local farmers and is exclusively vegetarian, often vegan. The other meals can either be prepared in your own guest kitchen later in the day or enjoyed in one of the many family-run restaurants in the area.

Suite from 95, - euros per night

You can find more information here

10 A vegan first-aid kit should also not be missing

You don't want to think about getting sick when planning your trip, but it doesn't hurt to be appropriately equipped here as well. Especially when you are caught with a cold on the way, your body will thank you if you don’t have to drag yourself to a pharmacy, exhausted and sick, but have remedies for the cold in your luggage. You will find tips on how to put together a vegan first-aid kit here .

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