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Family nest: a flexible bed system for the whole family

With the flexible bed systems from "Family nest“All members of a family can find a peaceful, deep sleep again - including the parents. The beds with a basic size of 180 x 200 centimeters can be expanded to a maximum of 340 x 200 centimeters using flexible side beds on a roll basis, thus creating enough space for all family members. The flexible bed system is also exciting for operators of holiday accommodation.

The founder Doreen Wiegleb is a mother of two herself

Founder Doreen Wiegleb had the idea for the flexible bed system five years ago, and it was finally implemented after the birth of the second child when there was hardly any room for her and her husband in the marriage bed at home. As safe as the children slept, she and her husband quickly realized: “That was uncomfortable. And the existing solutions on the market were inflexible, much too big - and once the children have moved out of the family bed, you end up with a bed that is much too large in the small bedroom! "

This is what it looks like when the family nest has not moved out
And this is how it looks when the family nest is completely pulled out

And this is not only a nice solution for private individuals, the flexible bed system can also be attractive for tourism service providers such as hotels, holiday guest houses and apartments with a focus on families. "All those who have been trapped between the extra bed and the single bed in the hotel as a group of four will understand that straight away," says Doreen.

We think the flexible bed systems from "Familiennest" are great and asked the founder Doreen Wiegleb our three questions.

What was or is the motivation behind “Family Nest”?

Like many other families, we had a "problem" for a long time at night: No space in bed, but at the same time two children who needed to be close. With four people in an area measuring 180 x 200 centimeters, you definitely couldn't spend a restful night. I researched the internet and couldn't find a suitable solution. I came up with the idea of ​​a flexible family bed relatively quickly, similar to expandable guest beds, as you could also expand a double bed. So I developed such a bed together with my cooperation partners. The result is a flexible, expandable solid wood bed, which can be extended by a further 80 centimeters on each side of the bed. The additional slatted frame and mattress are integrated in the side parts. The family nest can therefore be flexibly expanded if the additional sleeping area is required and if not, everything can be stowed away again quickly and no additional space is wasted, as is the case with XXL bed frames. The flexible family bed is made of untreated solid wood from the region and is impressive with its simple design.

The founder of the family nest: Doreen Wiegleb

What is your advice to our readers: What can you do specifically for a better future?

We live in the country with our two boys and have an old farm there. If you have the opportunity, you should rely on renewable energy and plan or modernize your house accordingly. Of course, there is a lot that can be done on site. But it doesn't always have to be the big projects. Many small measures can also help to create a better future. So it is important to me that the children know how to grow and harvest fruits and vegetables. How animals are kept and what a “normal” chicken life looks like, for example. We try to reduce plastic when shopping and use reusable packaging or instead of cling film we use beeswax cloth. Cream tubes or toothpaste tubes are cut open and completely emptied. We mostly buy organic food or sometimes try to buy sustainable fashion. We swap the children's things in the family back and forth, sometimes some models actually manage to “survive” all five children. When something is broken, we always try to fix it first.

How do travel and sustainability fit together for you?

We mostly go on vacation in Germany or neighboring countries. We will certainly travel with our boys by plane at some point, but always in moderation. What I can't even imagine at the moment is a trip on a cruise ship - I definitely can't reconcile that with my conscience. We like to stay in small hotels or holiday homes. We try to avoid rubbish even on vacation and to use regional offers where possible.

You can find more information about the flexible bed systems from Familiennest here

Photo credits: family nest


  • Kathrin

    Such a great post and such a personable entrepreneur!!

  • Lena_Mausi

    Wow, great idea to buy an extendable solid wood bed that can be extended by another 80 centimeters on each side of the bed. So you definitely have a lot more space. Our children also often want to cuddle, but our bed is too small. Thanks for the tip!

  • Will Niemer

    Thank you for this post about mattresses. I recently bought a natural mattress for my bed. It is a very great idea to develop a bed that can be flexibly extended by a further 80 centimeters on each side of the bed.

  • Each

    That's really a great idea.

  • Marie Busch

    We are currently looking for a bed studio. It is good to know what is meant by a flexible bed system. We'll take a closer look at that. Thank you for this post.

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    Good idea. It was really fun reading this article. Thanks

  • Oscar

    A very clear and well-founded article on the subject of the family nest. I'm sure you helped me with that. I now more or less know what to do. This information is exactly what I was looking for.


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