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In the sun - it's also fair, organic and vegan!

Enjoy the sun carefree – but how? Again and again before the journey one stands in front of the shelf with the sun protection products and cannot decide. Cream or lotion, which protection factor, tolerability, skin feeling... But that's not all! The demands are growing. The cream should also do without nanoparticles, be made from organic raw materials and have a mineral UVA/UVB filter.

We made a new discovery and one of the two company owners and managing directors of i + m NATURKOSMETIK BERLIN asked our 3 questions.

In addition to the products, we are very enthusiastic about their social commitment!

Jörg von Kruse, one of the two company owners and managing director of i + m NATURKOSMETIK BERLIN

What was or is the motivation behind "i+m Naturkosmetik"?

As one of the organic pioneers, i + m had lofty goals from the start: to produce natural cosmetics of the highest quality - as natural as possible and in harmony with people and nature.

But we also want to be THE political cosmetics brand in Germany and a source of inspiration for a society that is oriented towards sustainability and the common good. As a small company we cannot fundamentally change the world, but we can act as a “laboratory” and inspire others (companies).

From our point of view, this requires a holistic approach that does not focus selectively on one aspect such as organic or vegan, but comprehensively considers and integrates the topics of ecology, animal welfare and social economy. For us, this holistic and common good-oriented approach is expressed by the triad of terms FAIR ORGANIC VEGAN, which we live at all levels of the company.

Specifically, this means for us: All products are certified climate-neutral according to one of the highest standards for organic cosmetics COSMOS ORGANIC, the international animal welfare seal Leaping Bunny, the Vegan Society and Climate Partner. i + m is one of the cosmetic brands with the highest fair trade share. Min. 25% of the profits flow into eco-social projects, including that of i + m founded Zambia's first women's shelter.

i + m for women's rights
i + m for women's rights

What is your advice to our readers: What can you do specifically for a better future?

Everyone has an infinite number of ways to be more sustainable; be it in the private or professional area.  Every behavior has an impact, mostly small and sometimes large. It is crucial, however, to be aware that any more sustainable behavior already has a positive effect and that the multitude of small actions together form a large effect.

First of all, however, for me more sustainability first and foremost requires more awareness in order to be able to recognize sustainability potential, but also more honesty with ourselves. I believe that we are all largely suppressing the topic of sustainability because we are afraid of the threatening consequences and we are on the other hand, feel guilty for doing too little. As a result, we often do not even recognize ways to behave more sustainably or we do not deal with it further and thus do not make a conscious decision. An example:  For example, I generally reject air travel for reasons of sustainability, but if some great event comes up or an alternative form of travel would mean considerable additional effort, then I suppress the topic and get on the plane. And if it gets worse, I fall into a nihilistic attitude – in order to legitimize my behavior – by saying to myself "it doesn't matter's no use anyway".  After the trip, I still feel bad or guilty. From this ultimately negative, guilty and fearful attitude, not much strength can grow, at least not enough to save our planet. Rather, I want to take a positive stance on sustainability, with a feeling that every little step I take towards sustainability is a good thing and a gift to the world. Where I am not (yet) able to do this, I would like to see it clearly and admit to myself that I am not there yet, but that I make serious efforts to develop myself further in this direction.

How do travel and sustainability fit together for you? 

I believe that travel can be an important basis for more sustainability in our world if we open up to the foreign and seek real encounters. Unfamiliar places and people make it possible to take a different perspective on our life by perceiving the differences and thereby understand ourselves better. On the other hand, we can be inspired and learn from them. Ultimately, it can reduce the feeling of foreignness and separation and thus promote empathy and cooperation. For me, these are all indispensable requirements for more sustainability in the world. Because our planet can only be saved from destruction by conscious people and in a world that is perceived as common.

Sun milk and sun cream from i + m


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