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On my past travels in recent years there have always been times when I was completely alone with myself. These moments were exciting, lured me out of my comfort zone and in the end I really enjoyed these moments with myself. Most of the time I didn't stay alone for long and I had interesting conversations with the local people who might not have come up with a travel partner by my side.

Granted, solo trips aren't for everyone. In this post, I'll tell you why you shouldn't hesitate when the chance arises and should just try it out.

Embark on the journey with yourself

First of all: get involved in the journey. Let yourself be told that your experiences will be much more intense than when you travel with other people. The landscape that passes you on the train seems somehow richer and greener. You perceive noises and smells much more and in general you will notice that you walk through the world much more carefully. Therefore make space for it. Get a notebook and write down your experiences. You will enjoy it long after your trip!

The choice of travel destination and duration

Being alone for the first time is exciting enough in and of itself. Therefore, you don't necessarily have to travel halfway around the world. Your travel destination doesn't have to be far away and the practical thing about vacationing on your doorstep is that there are no language barriers. Another plus: you have the opportunity to arrive in an environmentally friendly way! And if you are drawn further away: prefer a country in which you speak the language so that you can communicate well on site.

As far as the duration of the trip is concerned, try traveling alone on a short vacation first. This is how you find out whether the whole thing is really something for you. The nice thing about traveling alone is that you don't have to deal with anyone other than yourself. That means, if you like it and you feel like traveling longer afterwards: nobody is stopping you, so what are you waiting for? Just drive off the way you like it!

Find accommodation that suits you

Ask yourself what kind of needs you have for your own individual vacation. Do you want to be completely to yourself or do you want to chat with other travelers in the evening? Choose your suitable accommodation depending on what you feel like doing. It doesn't always have to be the twelve-bed room in a hostel, there are also accommodations with private rooms in which you can be to yourself and at the same time there are rooms that can be used jointly. For example, when cooking in the communal kitchen or at a barbecue in the garden, you can come into contact with other travelers and exchange ideas.

Arrive and leave when the sun shines

When you arrive and depart, make sure that you arrive during the day. As I said - traveling alone for the first time is exciting enough in and of itself - you don't have to make yourself nervous by arriving in the middle of the night and then not knowing what to do next. It is best to organize your entire journey directly, including accommodation in advance. So you can completely relax during the journey and don't have to worry.

Tips for solo travelers

In general, it is advisable to have a little something planned when you arrive. The trip doesn't necessarily have to be planned from start to finish, but it's always nice to be able to look forward to something. So, look in advance what you can do on site and book an excursion. It is not for nothing that it is said that “anticipation is the greatest joy”.

Take care of yourself and listen to your gut instinct

Especially when traveling into the unknown, it is more important than ever to rely on your own gut instinct and listen to it. Are you unsure whether the dark, eerie alley is a good shortcut? Better take a detour. Are you in a shared room and have valuables with you? Get a portable safe to lock away your essentials. Would you like to have a nightcap in a busy bar? Always keep your drink with you and in hand. At the same time, don't drive yourself crazy: in most cases you will meet good people during your trip, but in hindsight, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Celebrate dining out on your own

For some it sounds like a horror to have to eat alone in a restaurant. But let me tell you: in the end, nobody cares if you sit and eat alone at the table. So enjoy it and celebrate your dinner date with yourself. Take yourself to a great restaurant and treat yourself to something good - the wonderful thing is that in the end you have the dessert all to yourself. 😉

In general, it is important to celebrate the times with yourself when traveling. At the latest when you are back home, you have to pay attention to others again - the family, the partner, the girlfriend or the dog. Therefore: enjoy the time with yourself. That brings me straight to the next point.

Enjoy alone

Be spontaneous and try something new

The benefit of traveling alone? You don't have to consult with anyone. So do what you feel like doing. Try new things and be open to them. Ask yourself when you last did something for the first time. A long time ago Then use the time now and do something you always wanted to do. There is no one to whom you are accountable and whom you have to convince of your plans. And: it always feels incredibly good to be lured out of your comfort zone and to try new things.

"Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies"

From time to time nothing speaks against it, in fact it is necessary to tell a little "white lie". For example, this can be an unpleasant situation with an intrusive counterpart. It is advisable to cheat here. Tell them that you are about to meet up with your partner, a friend or someone else. In some countries, women traveling alone should generally consider putting on a “fake” wedding ring. It is also helpful if you make it clear to the other person that you are familiar with the area and that you are not there for the first time. Act confidently and don't let your insecurity show. If necessary, involve other people and receive help from others!

You feel lonely Join others

You will quickly find that you will rarely be alone on your journey. And if you do feel lonely, you always have the opportunity to join other travel groups. How about, for example, a cooking class, a yoga class or a guided hike through a national park? Also, see if your property offers activities that you can meet other travelers. Maybe you are on an organic farm and can help out with the farm work? Here you are guaranteed to meet like-minded people and start a conversation! At the same time, you have the opportunity to learn something completely new.

Tips for a single traveller

Stay in touch with your home

Keep people at home up to date and tell them about your travel plans. This is particularly advisable in countries where you should exercise greater caution. If necessary, get a SIM card on site. So you are independent of slow, sometimes unreliable WiFi connections and you are also connected to your loved ones when you are out and about. You can also tell them how much fun you are having on site 🙂

Once again in a nutshell

Here are the tips for traveling alone summarized for you:

  • Get involved in the journey
  • Choose your travel destination and duration wisely
  • Find accommodation that suits you
  • Pay attention to your arrival and departure times
  • Take care of yourself and listen to your gut instinct
  • Celebrate your "Me" time
  • Be spontaneous and try something new
  • Practice telling “white lies”
  • Do you feel alone sometimes? Join others
  • Stay in touch with your loved ones at home

Now we are curious! Have you ever traveled alone? What was your experience? Do you feel like throwing yourself into your very own personal adventure? Where should it go? Tell us in the comments!


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