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The Netherlands with a difference: the province of Overijssel

The province of Overijssel is located in the east of the Netherlands and can be easily reached from German cities such as Münster, Düsseldorf and Bremen within just a few hours. A short or long vacation in this beautiful region is always worthwhile. Because there are a total of nine historical Hanseatic cities, all of which are connected to the water, as well as numerous medieval castles and country estates to discover.

In the romantic town of Giethoorn, for example, all the houses are in the water. Therefore it is also called the "Venice of the North". In the sunshine and on a Gieterse Punter (punt) you immediately feel very close to the Italian city.

Discover the unique landscape of the Overijssel region

The unique landscape of Overijssel also scores in other ways: in addition to numerous lakes, polders and rivers, there are special moor and hilly landscapes that are rather untypical for the Netherlands. That's how it is Sallandse Heuvelrug National Park shaped by the unusual landscape. In addition to the hilly heaths and moors, there are also extensive forests here. They can be explored on the excellently developed hiking and biking trails, which in turn are very typical for the Netherlands.

Discover and enjoy the beautiful landscape of Overijssel

In the far north of the region there is another special landscape. in the Weerribben / Wieden National Park water alternates with land. While the reed lanes and swamp forests are best discovered by boat, canoe or SUP, here you can also cycle and hike endlessly well and for a long time.

Enjoyment of culture and art in Twente and Zwolle

In the artist town of Ootmarsum in Twente, on the other hand, cultural life pulsates in the many art workshops, galleries, museums and antique shops. At the end of August, the town even turns into a little Montmartre when the annual art festival takes place. Not far from here is also the beautiful one Twickel Castle with a large castle garden, surrounded by old oaks, heather, streams and small moors.

The alleys of Ootmarsum
Boat trip

The probably most beautiful bookstore in Overijssel is again in Zwolle. A monumental church from the outside, the Waanders in de Broeren is not just a bookshop, but also a gallery, stage and café rolled into one. Afterwards you can enjoy culinary delights in the The Libre let go well. The popular restaurant, which has a preference for regional products, has even been awarded three Michelin stars, making it one of the best in the country.

Overnight in a lovingly managed and stylish B&B

Meanwhile, you can find charming accommodation in the beautiful bed and breakfast The Rheezer Room. The owners have built sustainable and stylish accommodation from a former thatched barn of a farm from 1837. Hospitality is lived here and the owner is happy to give further tips on exploring this unique region of our beautiful neighboring country.

In May, June and September there are still some free places at De Rheezer Kamer. Click for more information and booking here

Photo credit: Ootmarsums Gassen by Een_Wasbeer

Cosiness in the B&B Rheezer Kamer
Creative and stylish interior in the B&B

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