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Wohnwagon self-sufficient living

Self-sufficient, ecological & reduced - living in the future

A guest post by Caravan

Sustainability doesn't just start on vacation, it starts at home. With simple solutions such as buying organic, regional products, concepts such as minimalism, zero waste and fair trade or a self-sufficient home. Admittedly, that's a bit of a big change, but it is feasible and even chic with a caravan.

Caravan? Self-sufficient? Okay, slowly: The caravan is a tiny house that comes on wheels, i.e. is mobile and, depending on your needs, is self-sufficient in terms of electricity, heat and water. Self-sufficient means being self-sufficient in its own small circuit, i.e. independent of national electricity circuits or water supply and treatment. Living self-sufficiently means conserving and reusing resources. Living self-sufficiently means reducing to the essentials. Living self-sufficient is a conscious decision for more self-determination and careful handling of things, a pleasurable renunciation that is good for you. Ourselves and the environment.

But let's start from the beginning.

Caravan from the outside

With the nature

The caravan is a natural Tiny House with a loft-like character, with which you can open up nature as a living space. A trailer is more than a trailer. It opens up space that you can finally use for yourself: the nature around us. With the terrace, the awning and the large windows you bring nature into your living space. Because your living space doesn't end at the door of your apartment!

We build our caravans in a factory in Lower Austria from natural materials. We pay particular attention to sustainable building materials (wood, clay, sheep's wool) and high-quality design for year-round living. We only use long-lasting components that are easy to repair and easy to replace. The execution comes from the professional. That is not cheap, but you will still be able to enjoy your flexible home in a few decades!

dream big Live small.

With the reduction to the essentials, you make a conscious decision - for more self-determination and a more conscious handling of things, for a small closet full of favorite things instead of a huge wardrobe that is refilled with every fashion wave. We stand for a pleasurable reduction - omitting that makes life easier, not doing without that hurts.

Inside the caravan
Roof planting on the tiny house
Living in a trailer

Your home: your own power plant.

We have developed self-sufficiency modules for our caravans, which enable an independent supply of electricity, water and heat.

Would you like a tour? Self-sufficiency begins in the toilet. In order to create a closed water cycle, it is important that the toilet wastewater is treated separately. That is why we use a bio-toilet with a dry separation system in the caravan. Urine and feces are collected separately and composted. The best black earth is produced, which is available again as fertilizer. The ventilation and the high-quality design ensure absolute comfort. A solution that has been widespread in Scandinavia for decades and is now being discovered as a sustainable alternative in our part of the world!

The remaining waste water from the shower and washing up is only slightly contaminated thanks to the use of the separate bio-toilet and can be cleaned in the green sewage treatment plant of the caravan. On the roof of the car, marsh plants are used to treat the water, which can then be used again as service water. An additional filter is used to maintain drinking water quality.

Solar power with intelligent battery storage

A photovoltaic system with a large battery storage in the false floor is available for the power supply. Here too, the most modern technology is used in the caravan. Sensors in the trolley ensure automatic control and optimal loading and unloading. They also measure what's going on in the car: fill level of the tanks, temperature, weather. A display shows the available energy and the consumption of the last few days. If you want to be self-sufficient, you have to know about energy production and consumption!

Central heating for small houses
The bio toilet with dry separation system

Heating with sun & wood

The problem with small residential units with wood stoves: You heat the stove in the evening, it quickly gets very hot, but the sauna is followed by the cold shock a few hours later. We didn't want to be satisfied with that and developed sustainable central heating for small houses. A 200 liter heat and hot water storage tank is heated by the photovoltaic system. If there is not enough sun, you can heat with a water-based wood stove. The heat is given off and distributed in the room via two radiators.

We at Wohnwagon accompany you on the way to a more sustainable life

Anyone who wants to gradually embark on the path to a sustainable life, reduced to the essentials, can either join the first 55 Wohnwagon customers, or just take over individual parts of the idea. The self-sufficiency systems are also available for other applications in the Wohnwagon webshop! With planning and consulting services, we support all those who are looking for solutions to get by with less space and resources without having to forego a good life. We are now also planning self-sufficient single-family homes and entire settlements.

So what are we waiting for? On to the good life!

You can find more information about self-sufficient living here

You can also try out the self-sufficient life on vacation.

For example in the caravans LuisaKarl or Fanni.


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