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Change: lemonade classics refreshingly different

A refreshing organic lemonade tastes particularly good when the temperatures rise again. We discovered the lemon and ginger lemonades from Changethat taste heavenly and whose roots lie in distant lands.

Ände - helps with long-distance thirst

Ände currently produces three different lemonades. What they all have in common is that they quench the longing for distant countries – i.e. the thirst for faraway places. So wakes up lemonana, with the taste of nano mint and lemon and lime juice, memories of past journeys in the eastern Mediterranean. The two ginger lemonades, Ginger Root and  gentle ginger, on the other hand are reminiscent of the lemonade classic Ginger Beer, which is popular in countries such as Australia, South Africa, England and the USA. Of course, all of our creations are organic, light and alcohol-free.

It was also important to the founders from the outset to firmly anchor social engagement in their corporate philosophy. We think that's worth supporting! We wanted to talk about that and learn more about the delicious organic lemonades.

We met the team of founders for an interview and asked them our three questions.

1. What was or is your motivation behind change?

In 2013 we fulfilled a lifelong dream and traveled three months backpacking through Southeast Africa. In Zambia, Andrea (Alter) drank her first ginger beer in the midday heat and has not been able to get away from it since. When we visited friends in Australia and New Zealand in 2014, we again encountered numerous types of ginger beer in supermarkets. So we decided to bring a light and not too sweet, alcohol-free ginger beer to the German market. After a year and a half of intensive development work, we bottled our first two types of ginger lemonade in March 2016. The mild and fruity Gentle Ginger, our variant for ginger beginners, and the slightly more intense, slightly spicy Ginger Root, the variety for ginger lovers.

Right from the start, it was important to us as entrepreneurs that social commitment was part of the DNA of our young lemonade company. The focus of our commitment is on promoting initiative and the values ​​of entrepreneurship, in order to improve the starting and advancement opportunities of children, young people and people with a refugee background.

So we decided to start the club NFTE e. V to support with the sale of our ginger bottles. We have also been part of the project as founding sponsors since 2017 Start Up Your Future active. Here we support two men who have fled from Syria in the development and implementation of their start-up ideas in order to create employment and integration prospects.

With the sales of our Limonana variety, which was recently bottled for the first time - the classic lemonade from the Middle East - we will be dedicating ourselves to another topic that has become increasingly important to us in the recent past: the promotion of democratic competence and social commitment in school lessons. Therefore will Learning through engagement (short: LdE) be the new project we are supporting.

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2. What do you advise our readers: What can you do specifically for a better future?

Overall, it is rather not in our nature to give advice to our fellow human beings. Rather, we try to set a good example and infect other start-ups and our business partners with our commitment. We find any kind of commitment great, be it for the preservation of our environment, for the strengthening of civil society or simply to support people who are not doing as well as we are.

Specifically, everyone can use their consumption to support start-ups that do more than “just” sell products. In addition to changes, there are now a large number of manufacturers who pass on part of the proceeds to meaningful projects. We think that your readers generally tend to shop consciously and in a way that conserves resources anyway and that we do not have to recommend that they buy food with as little packaging as possible and without long transport routes 🙂

What is particularly close to our hearts and what we focus our commitment on are above all educational issues. Because in shaping our future and mastering future challenges, from our point of view, the ingenuity, commitment and awareness of today's youth will be of paramount importance. In addition to NFTE and LdE, there are many good and important initiatives and projects that start at this point and that are happy about every donation and also every personal commitment.

So maybe an idea from our side: Instead of the new smartphone or laptop, simply present a project at the next birthday party and set up a donation box - that would be great!

3. How do travel and sustainability fit together for you?

Difficult topic. We also like to travel and we have to do this to a certain extent in order to find other lemonade classics and then bring them to Germany as refreshing change creations. As everyone knows, the CO2 emissions caused by each trip depend on the means of transport used. I can ride my bike to work all year round and buy regional organic vegetables and still have a much larger carbon footprint than a commuting discounter customer due to a three-week holiday in the South Seas or a cruise.

For us at Alter, but also privately, this means: It is best to avoid the journey and hold meetings by phone, the second best is to travel by train and only take the car if there is no other option. And if the flight cannot be avoided in the end, definitely with Atmosfair or other good providers. Because even if the subject of travel and sustainability brings with it a special challenge, we are also convinced that travel is educational, is extremely good for an understanding of mixed situations and history and because you make new contacts, get to know and appreciate people from other cultures and broadened his horizons.

You can find more information about the organic lemonades from Alter here

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