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Schnitzmühle, fun for young and old

The AdventureCamp is located in the middle of the Bavarian Forest Schnitzmühlewhere there are adventures for the whole family to experience. Embedded and surrounded by rivers and rivers, lies a natural, playful and extravagantly designed holiday complex with a variety of overnight accommodations. Whether camping close to nature, living in a tiny house or staying comfortably in the lodges or in the hacienda rooms in the main house - there is guaranteed to be something for every taste and budget.

There is even a bathtub in the 2-room apartment in the Hacienda, which is in the middle of the room. Since I don't have a bathtub at home, I was very happy about it and immediately ran into the bath water. Between soap bubbles, I look at the room and look directly at the large, comfortable bed that stands in front of a pebble stone wall. I only notice later, when it is much darker, that these can be illuminated in different colors.

... in the room of the 2-room apartment

In total, the 2-room apartment can accommodate up to four people, because behind the bathroom with a spacious rainforest shower there is a kind of small bunk. So ideal for a family or small groups of friends.

Let's go outside, there's a lot to experience

Having caught your loved ones, you head out into the beautiful outdoors, where there is a lot to discover - on water and on land. The white water tour on the river “black rain” by canoe is exciting. You drive through the most beautiful natural landscapes that make you feel completely elsewhere and very far away - like a "Bavarian Canada". Alternatively, if you want, you can rent a stand up paddle and explore the river on your own.

Immediately after the tour, the river invites you to swim and cool off. We recommend wearing bathing shoes, as the stony ground is a bit slippery. Those who prefer soft, sandy subsoil can cool off in the Schnitzmühle's own swimming pond. Afterwards you can relax on one of the loungers on the sandy beach, maybe take a little nap.

With the canoe through Bavarian Canada

Make a fire yourself during survival training

In the nature camp you can take part in various workshops. From raft building to archery and climbing to survival training - the workshops around Götz Esser are recommended. He is a certified experiential educator and has developed into a survival specialist through his many years of long-distance travel experience. During survival training, you not only learn to make a fire yourself, but also learn helpful survival tricks and tricks that you should use in the event of an emergency.

If that weren't enough, the “Schnitze” also has an adventure playground, a sports field to let off steam and a riding facility where you can book riding lessons and rides in the surrounding area.

A trip to the House of the Wild

If you want to leave the Schnitzmühle area, you can take the forest railway. With the GUTi ticket, which every overnight guest at the Schnitzmühle receives, you can use buses and trains in the region free of charge. So walk to the Schnitzmühle's own train station and take the forest train to the "House of Wilderness" - one of the two national park centers in the Bavarian Forest. Here you can learn more about the history of Germany's first national park and observe lynxes, wolves, wild horses and primeval cattle in the adjoining outdoor animal area. In the adjoining Stone Age cave you can experience the change in climate, landscape and animal world from then to now very clearly.

Eat delicious - at any time of the day

Back in the Schnitzmühle you can indulge in culinary delights. Depending on the time of day, there are different delicacies here. In the evening the gastronomy is transformed into the “Thai-Bay Restaurant”, where very good Bavarian and Thai food is served.

Eat delicious in the "Schnitzel"
The somewhat different regulars' table

The breakfast buffet is particularly delicious and offers enough power to start a new, eventful day well strengthened. There is fresh coffee, a selection of teas, as well as vegetable and fruit juices and homemade lemonades. You can put together your own muesli or nibble on one of the rich, nutritious muesli bars. In addition to bread, pretzels and rolls with a selection of sausages, cheeses and spreads to go with them, there is also fresh fruit and vegetables to sip on. And since there is still space for desserts, there are also sweet pastries such as yeast plaits for dessert.

Relaxation in the Emoji Spa

If you are looking for a little more relaxation after all the food and adventure, you will find it in the Emoji Spa. Let your mind wander with a massage or sweat it out in the steam sauna. It's wonderfully good after so much action and adventure. Then you can chill out in one of the large hammocks or sit in the pleasantly warm whirlpool.

The Schnitzmühle really offers everything that adventurous travelers who love being in nature could wish for, and yet besides all the activities you can take it easy. At the latest by the evening campfire at the Bongo Bar with your favorite drink in hand. Here you can meet like-minded travelers and let the exciting day end comfortably.

Would you like to find out more about the wood carving mill? You can find more information here

Large wellness areas are missing ...
... but you can still relax in the extravagantly designed Emoji Spa

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