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7 Sentidos, a visit to the Spanish Casita in the Bavarian Forest

A little relaxation, a little hiking and spending a little time together again - with these wishes for a break, my friend Adam and I went to the Bavarian Forest this summer. It should 7 sentidos become our nest for two nights.

In the early evening we reached the tranquil community of Bischofsmais, which is located in the middle of the Bavarian Forest. The seven holiday homes - also affectionately known as casitas - of the 7 Sentidos are also located here. As soon as we drove into the parking bay, the operators Melanie and Simon from the Casa Principal, the reception booth, gave us a friendly wave. There we were allowed to arrive in peace on the cozy sofa on the terrace, which was really good after the long drive. In addition to delicious coffee and fresh spring water, we were presented with a selection of hand-scooped shower and shampoo soaps, from which we were allowed to choose one.

With heart: Melanie and Simon

First arrive

Then we went into the with a handcart loaded with our luggage Casita Tres - our home for the next few nights. On the way there, another resident of the 7 Sentidos greeted us - the black cat Seven, who ran into Melanie and Simon in the first year, shortly after the opening, and who obviously also feels very comfortable here. From the outside, the casitas look like typical bungalows and quite inconspicuous, but the Spanish-Moorish style is noticeable as soon as you step on the terrace, which is also continued inside.

Adam with handcart

There is no lack of comfort in the luxuriously furnished chalets and you can relax here in many places. For example, on your own hammock on the terrace, in the raised cozy corner on the podium or on the cozy couch. Matching socks are available. In general, it quickly becomes apparent that there is a lot of love in here. Until the day of departure, we will always notice little things that make this stay so special.

Vegetarian-vegan cuisine at any time of the day

It is also particularly delicious when it comes to eating. Breakfast is included with every overnight stay and is brought directly to the casita every day. Depending on how long you want to sleep, you will be asked at the beginning what time breakfast should be brought. We opted for half past nine, but late risers will also be satisfied here, because breakfast is served until 10 noon. We really enjoyed this service, as we both don't like getting up to a bustling buffet in the morning. Instead, the two of us sat in pajamas on our own terrace and had breakfast in peace. How nice!

The cooking here is exclusively vegetarian-vegan, creative and very tasty. Most of it comes from the region, is organic-certified and fairly traded. Breakfast is home-made from favorite recipes such as millet porridge, rice pudding, omelettes and vegan pancakes. I especially like the millet porridge and Melanie was so kind to tell me the recipe - so I can bring the 7 Sentidos feeling back into my own four walls today.

Breakfast in the morning sun

In addition, there is a fine selection of cheeses, spreads, homemade jams, smoothies, rolls and bread. Particularly great: nothing is thrown away here. Instead, you can keep leftovers from breakfast in your own refrigerator and enjoy them later.

Home-made favorite dishes that taste really good

The dinner, which is also brought to the casita, can be booked as an option. We had Melanie and Simon cook for us on both evenings and were very enthusiastic. On the first evening there was a red curry with potatoes, peppers and lentils and black rice with sesame, on the second evening there was saffron risotto with zucchini-tomato-vegetables and homemade chocolate for dessert. There was always oven-warm baguette and olive oil. Delicious!

It is worth booking dinner as well

If that's not enough, or if you want to cook yourself, you can do so in the fully equipped kitchen or the grill on the terrace of your own casita. In addition to pasta and pesto, there are also little things to nibble on and a selection of drinks, consisting of juices, sparkling wine, beer and wine. We particularly liked our own coffee machine, which you can use to your heart's content and at any time of the day. The small but fine selection of organic teas makes the hearts of tea drinkers beat faster.

Walks in the area

Well strengthened, we went to explore the area. There is a small wood right next to the casitas, which is great for walking. For longer hikes, a trip to the Geisskopf, about three kilometers away, is recommended. Not only do numerous paths invite you to go hiking, the MTB park also attracts many mountain bikers. You can also try your hand at archery here or go on the summer toboggan run. In winter the Geisskopf turns into a ski area.

The Bavarian Forest National Park with its mystical-looking (primeval) forests is also in the immediate vicinity. The visitor centers provide beautiful information on how the national park came into being and are an ideal starting point for further hikes. At the Lusen National Park Center there is also a treetop path and an outdoor animal area, where you can observe up to 200 native animal species on a 40-hectare site. If you want to learn more about the culture of the region, you can visit one of the numerous glass factories. For example, the glass tradition in the Eisch glassworks has been carried on for 70 years and is now in the third generation.

Back in the casita, you can take it easy again and enjoy a massage or cosmetic treatment. Or you can grab a book from the small in-house library and relax in the hammock.

First relax after hiking

Say goodbye, we would have liked to have stayed longer

After only two nights it was time to say goodbye again for us. How we would have loved to have stayed a little longer. But despite the short time we spent here, all of our wishes for our time-out were met, and even exceeded. We relaxed wonderfully, went on several hikes and again spent a lot of time together.

So if you are looking for some rest, deceleration and togetherness, the 7 Sentidos is warmly recommended. Melanie and Simon have created a real feel-good place with their Casitas, to which we want to return very soon. We will not soon forget the attention to detail in the casitas and the warmth of the two.

Would you like to know more about the 7 Sentidos? You can find more information here

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The cat Seven in 7 Sentidos

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