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Through Berlin's green fashion scene

Berlin is not only the capital of sustainable fashion, but is now also known for it across borders. It is therefore not surprising that there are now city tours around the topic. The Green Fashion Tourswho not only want to talk about sustainable fashion, but also want to clarify the social grievances of the conventional fashion industry. Alternatives for ethical buying behavior are shown and information is provided on topics such as upcycling, fair fashion, local production and circular economy.

As a participant you can look behind the scenes of the makers: you visit independent, small shops as well as designer studios and fashion studios, and get a very personal look at the fair fashion scene. For them, in turn, there is the opportunity to talk about their individual visions, their working methods, but also the challenges and problems of conventional fashion. The Green Fashion Tours bring suppliers and buyers together to exchange ideas and give each other suggestions.

The Green Fashion Tours are currently offered in six different districts of Berlin and take place in English, German, Italian, Portuguese and French.

We took part in the tour through Kreuzberg and got to know the following labels: homage store berlinKek Lo BerlinCorvera Vargas and  Jyoti-Fair Works.

Then we met Arianna Nicoletti, one of the founders of the Green Fashion Tours, and asked her our three questions.


What was or is your motivation behind Green Fashion Tours?

With Green Fashion Tours we want to make sustainable fashion visible to everyone. We would like to introduce sustainable shops and labels in Berlin as well as the creative minds behind them, so that consumers know directly where they can find what they are looking for. At the same time, the tours succeed in giving the shops and designers greater visibility, as they cannot sell on the main shopping streets due to the high prices.

Another great motivation is of course to educate people about the social and ecological aspects of the global fashion industry and to generate an emotional connection between the consumer and their clothing through the tour experience.

What do you advise our readers: What can you do specifically for a better future?

There is something that can be done in all areas of consumption. In general, I find the verb “reduce” very appropriate in relation to the direction our consumption and lifestyle should take. Specifically in the field of fashion, I find it very important to keep the clothes in circulation as long as possible, to consume less or to buy used clothes.

How do travel and sustainability fit together for you / you?

Traveling the world means preserving it too. We should therefore explore places and cultures sustainably, that is, without modifying or even destroying them. Easy to say, but harder to put into practice!

We see our tours on innovative fashion as an instrument that creates a connection between sustainability and tourism. We are convinced that bringing travelers and local changemakers together for sustainability leads to a greater awareness of our responsibility as travelers and as consumers.

You can find more information about the Green Fashion Tours here

Marc from homage Berlin presents his store concept to us
... a nice opportunity to present yourself
In the fashion designer's studio
I made your clothes


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