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Culinary adventure with Krautkopf

Krautkopf is one of our favorite food blogs, here vegetarian food is celebrated and presented in a particularly attractive way. Meanwhile the founders, Susann and Yannic, also offer dinner and cooking events. It is particularly important to them to bring as many people as possible to a large common table in real life and not just be on the move virtually.

We met Susann and Yannic, the makers behind Krautkopf, for an interview and asked our 3 questions.

What was or is your motivation behind Krautkopf?

It all started with our love of cooking and photography, which we wanted to share with others. Cooking with original products - preferably seasonal and from the region - is important to us. Every season is associated with a certain taste and feeling for us. In times when everything is always available, this form of closeness to nature and the appreciation for good products is increasingly being lost. In our blog we would like to show you ways of cooking with what is currently growing in the fields in Germany. Even in the cold season, when the market stalls are not filled with so much variety.

What do you advise our readers: What can you do specifically for a better future?

We eat at least three times a day. Here in particular, you can move a lot with small steps. It starts with shopping. You can get regional vegetables on the market without long transport routes and unnecessary plastic packaging. In doing so, we are not only doing something good for our body, but also for the environment and, above all, for the farmers. In general, we make sure to consume as little industrially processed food as possible. Much of what you buy ready-made for convenience, you can very easily make yourself. For example nut milk, broths, pasta, spreads, etc .. Skilfully integrated into everyday life, you don't even have to spend a lot of time.

Susann and Yannic in their element

Especially in big cities, the nice thing is that so many people think about how our world can get a little better that we just have to join in and support labels that are already acting sustainably. There are so many wonderful small and large projects here in Berlin! Be it a packaging-free shop or a savior of fruit and vegetables that would end up in the bin because they don't meet the standards, fashion labels that produce fairly and sustainably, or green travel. \

How do travel and sustainability fit together for you?

We love to travel! Explore foreign landscapes, get to know new cultures, foreign kitchens. But it doesn't always have to be far away. We had some of our nicest experiences in Mecklenburg Western Pomerania last year. We learn to appreciate the little things instead of chasing after the perfect landscapes that flood us on all sides on social media. This builds up pressure and makes traveling a status object. We think that's a shame.

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