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View over Barcelona

Discover Barcelona away from the crowds

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and the capital of Catalonia. The city, which is located directly on the sea, has a lot to offer. Imposing buildings and an exciting creative and art scene. And of course restaurants and tapas bars where you can eat and drink really well.

One appreciates that. In recent years Barcelona has become a popular travel destination and can easily compete with cities like London and Paris. The tourism protests from last year, which have long since reached cities like Barcelona, ​​show that this can also cause problems. The protests show that it cannot go on like this. Sustainable tourism, with which the local people also agree, is what the city really needs. As in the Article with our tips on sustainable travel explains, as a traveler you find yourself in the everyday life of those who travel. And that should be respected.

Discover Barcelona differently

Together with Barcelona by locals we want to show you places far away from the crowds. Here you can really absorb the special attitude towards life in the city. For everyone who wants to discover Barcelona in a different way.

Michael and Magdalena from Barcelona by locals

Barcelona is a big city that has a good public transport network. So it is easy and environmentally friendly to get to your destination here, no matter where in the city. If possible, it would be better to explore the city on foot or borrow one of the many bicycles for your city tour. On this way you will take with you a lot more of the city's special attitude to life.

Explore the green and the blue

A stroll through one of the city's parks is especially nice. Did you know that more than a third of Barcelona is made up of green spaces? In addition to the largest park, the Ciutadella park also the Parc Güellcreated by Antoni Gaudí. With his architecture, which is best known for its organic forms, Gaudí shapes the cityscape of Barcelona like no other. With a beautiful view over Barcelona you will be rewarded if you Montjuïc, scaled Barcelona's local mountain. The park-like area is also called the green lung of Barcelona. Not so well known, but no less beautiful, are the gardens of the Jardins de Rubió i LLuchin which you can also relax wonderfully.

Jardins de Rubió i LLuch
Mercat de la Concepcio

In the district of Barceloneta, which translates as "little Barcelona", one finds access to the blue of the city. Formerly a port and fishing district, it is now a beautiful resort with easy bathing spots. Stroll through one of the numerous markets in the morning and have a nice picnic on the beach in the afternoon, well equipped. This works, for example, in Mercat de la Concepcio, a very special market hall that has ascribed itself to healthy, sustainable food. To let the day fade away, let's go Terrasa de les Indianesto enjoy the sunset with a drink in hand.

In the footsteps of Pablo Picasso and other artists

In the district of El Born i la Ribera, or just called Born for short, you will find many art galleries and studios. Pablo Picasso also had his studio here during his lifetime. There are also many hip boutiques and gourmet tapas bars in medieval palaces in Born. And every now and then you discover Gothic monuments in between. Nothing else neighborhood Barcelona blends the past with the present so well. Therefore, you should definitely stroll through the alleys here. Along the Carrer dels Flassaders and Carrer dels Banys Vells it is particularly beautiful.

A visit to a tapas bar in Barcelona should of course not be missed. I recommend that Pla's Barwhich can also be found in Born. Here you can enjoy delicious tapas in a traditional atmosphere. The is particularly recommended for families Convent Barwhich is in an old monastery. Here you sit comfortably on the terrace directly under arches and the children have enough space inside and outside to play.

Pla's Bar

Would you like more insider tips? Barcelona by locals have put together a whole travel guide that contains numerous insider tips and knowledge. With the guide you move consciously through the city and get to know it like a "local". Those are nice too Hidden City Tours on site. Here homeless people who have been trained to be tour guides take you through the city and show you their favorite places. A wonderful social project.

By the way, you will find the ideal accommodation for your next city trip to Barcelona here.

Yok terrace
City by the sea

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