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The new year has started and at the same time the good resolutions for the new year came. Whether doing more sport, taking it easy or eating more healthily, the resolutions are very similar every year. For example, last year I went to my gym at the beginning of the year and was terrified by the amount of people. The receptionists smilingly told me that it was always like this: "The new year, the good resolutions, you know". And indeed, in February it was already a lot emptier in the studio. I don't remember what it looked like after that. Because I didn't persevere either.

For me, gyms lose their appeal as soon as it gets warmer outside. I'd rather spend my time outside then. That doesn't mean that I spend my time eating ice cream with friends in the park (also, but not only). I also like to do sports in nature. Whether jogging in the forest or a few sun greetings on the yoga mat (but a bath towel is also good) in the fresh air.

A yoga trip combines the good resolutions for the new year

At the beginning of the year, people are also happy to plan the trips they would like to take in the coming year. Yoga trips show that you can build in good intentions. More exercise, eat healthier and relax completely at the same time. All of this is combined in a so-called yoga retreat.

Yoga in Chez Zen
Sunset in Chez Zen

But what should you watch out for on yoga trips?

To find your ideal yoga trip, ask yourself what style you want to practice. Nothing is more disappointing than wanting to work out and then end up in a passive yin yoga retreat. This page gives you a good overview of the yoga styles that exist. Some like it more spiritual, others prefer a simple yoga class in which the body is in the foreground.

Next, ask yourself what space should yoga occupy on your vacation. Should it be the center of your journey or is it enough if you practice one hour each in the morning and one hour in the evening and can organize the rest of the time freely?

Yoga class in the Silver Island Yoga Retreat

The nice thing about all yoga trips is that you dive deeper into the practice. Regardless of whether yoga is the focus or is "only" practiced at the start of the day. Daily practice is very special. In normal everyday life it is often difficult to practice on a daily basis. A retreat can help you learn how to do it.

Find the environment that suits you

Finally, you should look for the right accommodation. You don't have to travel far for a yoga holiday for a long time. On Good travel you will find beautiful places in Europe for your next yoga trip. Here you can practice wonderfully and all of this in front of the most beautiful natural backdrop with fresh forest, sea or mountain air. There's nothing more beautiful! You can also find four other particularly meditative places on Good impact.

Cook mindfully and eat together

In addition to the practice of yoga, fresh, healthy food is also in the foreground on a yoga trip. It's great when cooking together is offered at the property. In this way you can learn practical tricks for the kitchen at home, which you can then use long after your vacation.

Dinner at the Silver Island Yoga Retreat
Exterior view of Casa el Morro
Cozy interior of Casa el Morro

In addition to yoga classes, many accommodations also have wellness offers in their program, which are a great way to slow down. Some accommodations also offer the option of digital detox by deliberately avoiding WiFi in the rooms or the entire property.

Yoga is suitable for every body

A yoga holiday is really recommended to everyone. It does not matter whether you have been a practicing yogi for years or a budding yogi. Because the nice thing about yoga is that everyone can get started right away. Retreats are also quite suitable for beginners, because the teacher usually deals with each individual yogi and his level individually. You should clarify any restrictions such as back pain in advance with the teacher so that he can address them in practice.

To summarize, once again the questions that you should ask yourself before booking your yoga trip:

  • Which yoga style do I want to practice? Spiritual, simple?
  • Which space do I want to give to the yoga practice?
  • Where do I want to practice? Sea, mountain, forest?
  • What is eaten
  • Do you cook together?
  • Do I want to take advantage of wellness offers?
  • Do I also want a digital detox?

We at Good Travel wish you all the best for the start of the year. Let it be well with you. Namaste!


  1. Laura
    29 December 2020

    I have been an avid yoga fan for a few years and went on vacation to a yoga hotel in Austria for the first time. That was a really great break!


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