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Nice to know that there are people who are also concerned with sustainable travel. It's even better when they then write a manual to give readers tips and suggestions on how everyone can travel in an environmentally conscious way. After you maybe already our Tips for sustainable travel have read, I recommend Frank Herrmann's book to you. Sometimes things are critical here. Because one of the largest industries in the world also has many downsides. 

We met Frank Herrmann, the author of the book "FAIRreisen", for an interview and asked him our three questions.

What was or is your motivation behind your book "FAIRreisen"?

During my time as a tour guide and travel book author, I witnessed (and of course unintentionally contributed to it) how many tourist destinations have changed due to the onslaught of masses. With the FAIRreisen handbook I would like to make at least a modest contribution to stimulate a discussion about the grievances in tourism and to give recommendations on how to do it differently.

What is your advice to our readers: What can you do specifically for a better future?

Changed consumer behavior not only means consuming differently, it also means consuming less. It is like a diet: It should also result in a constant change in diet and not lead back to the situation before the diet. Sustainability must find its way into our lives at all levels around the world and gradually become a habit that we do not constantly question. One should not allow oneself to be dissuaded from this path. Fair travel is only one area that needs to be rethought. Important: Every change, no matter how small, helps, as it shows that the person concerned has dealt with the situation.

How do travel and sustainability fit together for you?

Travel and sustainability go hand in hand if the holiday is ecological, climate-friendly and fair. That means consistently saying no, for example to an unnecessary domestic flight, plastic bottles on site, the hotel with a pool area or a trip on a jet ski.

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