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Briol, a magical place with no street noise

Briol is located at an altitude of 1300m above the South Tyrolean Eisack Valley. A place that really invites you to slow down. The historic inn developed in the spirit of Johanna Settari, the great-grandmother of the current owner. At that time she had her husband give her a piece of land on the mountain for the birth of each of her children. In total, she gave birth to 15 children and so Briol grew up with each additional child.

It was also she who set three rules for her beloved Briol, which are still observed today. It was important to her that the property remained in the hands of the family and that no fences were built. After all, everything should always be preserved "in the sense of the mountain". The result is an idyll surrounded by nature.

No street noise, but pleasant peace and quiet

Lush meadows, pristine forests and fresh mountain air surround Briol. The idyll can only be reached on foot or you can use the all-terrain vehicle taxi from the valley. Once you arrive, you feel like you've been transported back to the old days.

Briol outside
Briol inside

In the main house, white walls surrounded by wood as well as beautiful fabrics and original furniture characterize the interior. Switching off has never been so easy, because there is no TV or internet in the rooms. There are enough showers and toilets on each floor that are shared.

In Haus Settari, which was lovingly renovated in 2013, there are also four holiday apartments with balconies or terraces that offer a wonderful view of the valley and the Dolomites. The Welzenbacher Villa was designed by the famous architect Prof. Lois Welzenbacher. The large living room with a rustic stove and cooking facilities with 2 bedrooms offers space for 4 people.

Eating together in the Settari house

Meals are taken at Haus Settari and are included in the room price. There is a breakfast buffet with homemade jams and South Tyrolean specialties. At lunchtime there is a fresh salad buffet and in the evening three or four-course menus are served. 

If that's not enough, you can choose from the day pass. Whether homemade herb pots, Tyrolean dumpling tris or carrot cake and apricot pie. All wishes are fulfilled in Briol.

Room in Briol
Wash bowl in briol
Idyll of Briol
To eat together

Relaxation in the forest sauna and in the natural stone pool

After a hike through untouched nature, you can relax in the forest sauna. Then take a refreshing dip in the hundred-year-old natural stone pool. We then end the evening in the Settari house. Musical evenings are organized here on a regular basis. You can meet the artists, exchange ideas with them or simply enjoy the unique atmosphere.

Relax in the sun

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